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March 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

The University of Richmond opens the doors to its newest addition to the Robins School of Business

On January 10, 2011 the University of Richmond opened its doors to Queally Hall, a 37,000 square foot addition to the Robins School of Business donated from Paul Queally and his wife Ann-Marie Flinn.

Queally Hall’s design was guided by five principles:Queally Hall

  • Sense of community
  • Discovery based learning
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Front door to the business community

Nancy Bagranoff, Dean of the business school, kicked off the media tour with a great presentation on the why the University needed Queally Hall and what Queally Hall means to its students, university, and the community. “International programming, the Center for Active Business Education (CABE), and professional skills and development are the core objectives for our students and it’s important to focus on international business as we work to a global economy.”

Queally Hall features three floors of extra space, the first two floors focus on the students featuring eight new rooms including three that are tiered and executive style board rooms and breakout rooms. The third floor are the faculty offices which makes it easy for students to meet with their professors before and after classes. All rooms are media friendly with the latest in technology and are energy efficient.

Business students, Nick Dechello, junior majoring in Finance Management and Julia Brannon, senior majoring in Finance and International Business, gave guests a walking tour of Queally Hall.

The highlight of the tour had to be the trading room on the first floor. Before entering, a stock ticker flashes on flat panel screens. Once inside, there are six high definition screens on the wall where instructors and students could see the conditions and progress of the stock market and rows of flat panels between its buying and selling crowd.

A great addition to the university, the Ukrop Auditorium is a 225-person room and presents the business school the opportunity to invite guest speakersUkrop Auditorium and students to practice for competition and present to a large audience. The Ukrop Auditorium is equipped with the latest in high end technology including blu-ray and video conferencing. Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers will be their first guest speaker, speaking on April 18.

Between the abundance of new technology, new office furniture, stunning architecture, Lou’s Restaurant, and the Ukrop Auditorium, the Robins School of Business and its students officially have a second home.

On March 30, 2011 the University of Richmond will hold its dedication ceremony for Queally Hall.

For more information on Queally Hall at the University of Richmond, visit http://business.richmond.edu/news/queally-hall/index.html.

See our photographs here:

Looking above from the third floor lights Junior Nick Dechello showing the Queally Hall Information Kiosk First Floor Trading Room Ukrop Auditorium II


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